• Live cell imaging at nanoscale resolution
    STED for Cell Biology: Multicolour fixed-sample. Image acquired using TauSTED Xtend 775; Vimentin AF 594 (cyan), Phalloidin Multicolour fixed-sample TauSTED Xtend 775; Vimentin AF 594 (cyan), Phalloidin ATTO 647N (magenta) and NUP107 CF680R (glow). Triple colour STED imaging with a single depletion line at low STED power. ATTO 647N (magenta) and NUP107 CF680R (glow). Triple colour STED imaging with a single depletion line at low STED power. Scale bar: 5 µm. Sample courtesy of Brigitte Bergner, Mariano Gonzales Pisfil, Steffen Dietzel, Core Facility Bioimaging, Biomedical Center, Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich, Germany.

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Live cell imaging at nanoscale resolution

Mar 15 2024

Leica Microsystems unveils TauSTED Xtend, a groundbreaking advancement in STED microscopy. This innovative approach empowers extended multicolour live cell imaging at nanoscale resolution, providing scientists with unprecedented insights into dynamic biological processes.

By integrating spatial and lifetime information, TauSTED Xtend delivers detail of live or intact specimens at the nanoscale while minimising light exposure. This delicate balance ensures gentle imaging, enabling scientists to delve deeper into biological phenomena without compromising resolution.

James O’Brien, VP of Life Sciences and Applied Solutions at Leica Microsystems, affirmed: “TauSTED Xtend extends the duration of live cell experiments by offering a unique blend of light exposure and resolution, unlocking new dimensions in nanoscale exploration. Researchers can now uncover hidden intricacies in previously uncharted territories of research.”

TauSTED Xtend operates seamlessly in real-time, enabling researchers to observe rapid biological processes with nanoscale precision. This dynamic capability allows scientists to capture pivotal moments as they unfold, maximising the utility of their experimental observations.

Ulf Schwarz, Application Manager Confocal Microscopy at Leica Microsystems, highlighted: “TauSTED Xtend introduces novel possibilities for single- and multi-color experiments using green fluorescent proteins and fluorophores, essential tools in life science research. Leveraging familiar protocols and a wide array of fluorescent labels, scientists can now seamlessly transition their experiments to the nanoscale.”

Representing the pinnacle of stimulated emission depletion (STED) imaging, TauSTED Xtend revolutionises live-cell imaging with extended imaging times and unrivalled nanoscale resolution. Building upon Leica’s proprietary TauSTED approach developed in 2019, this latest innovation harnesses FLIM and lifetime-based technologies to elevate image quality and resolution.

When combined with the Leica STELLARIS 8 FALCON FLIM Microscope, TauSTED Xtend enables multi-fluorophore STED imaging with precise species separation based on fluorescence lifetime, opening new avenues for comprehensive nanoscale investigations.

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