• Innovative Staining Solution for Enhanced Diagnostics Efficiency
    BOND-PRIME is a fully automated and adaptable, high-speed IHC, and ISH staining platform.

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Innovative Staining Solution for Enhanced Diagnostics Efficiency

May 02 2023

BOND-PRIME staining platform enables labs to seamlessly adapt to any incoming workflows

Leica Biosystems has introduced BOND-PRIME, a highly advanced and faster staining solution in the European market. BOND-PRIME offers a comprehensive Universal Access feature that allows it to process any slide, using any reagent, at any time, and in any combination.

With the ability to provide diagnoses quickly, Single or STAT slides can now be processed and completed within an hour, making it especially vital for patients requiring urgent diagnostic decisions. Additionally, the turnaround time (TAT) for the average immunohistochemistry (IHC) slide has been reduced to an average of 90 minutes, allowing for 100% instrument utilisation without the need for constant monitoring or attention.

The BOND-PRIME staining platform seamlessly adjusts and streamlines the staining workflow to ensure that every slide is optimally stained, without any staining position left unutilised. This innovative solution offers an impressive capacity of 70 open-access reagent positions and can handle up to 72 slides on-board.

“In today’s fast-paced health care environment, adaptability is essential to ensure that slides are processed in a timely manner, without compromising on quality,” explained Colin White, Senior Vice President of Advanced Staining, and Imaging.

“BOND-PRIME is a generation ahead. It enables labs to achieve a high-speed, continuous workflow, an average single slide TAT of 90 minutes, no downtime and minimal need for manual intervention. The impact on quality and productivity is truly impressive.”

Apart from its adaptability and speed, the platform also integrates novel technology that further elevates the quality of staining available to laboratories. The system leverages this cutting-edge technology to produce consistently crisp, clear stains, while being gentle on sample tissues and minimising carry-over. To achieve this, Leica Biosystems created Active Reagent Control (ARC), which enables highly controlled reagent application and incubation.

“We have a history of innovation that addresses specific customer needs,” said Gustavo Perez-Fernandez, President at Leica Biosystems. “The BOND-PRIME staining solution presents a quantifiable benefit to mid-sized and large laboratories in terms of both quality and greater efficiency. STAT cases can be processed quickly and efficiently, without holding back the validation of more routine cases.  By streamlining workflow, the use of BOND-PRIME ensures that fewer cases overall are left pending.”

The BOND-PRIME staining solution is currently available in select countries within the EMEA region, as well as in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

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