• High Performance Platform and Chromatography Data System


High Performance Platform and Chromatography Data System

May 19 2009

PerkinElmer, Inc has introduced the new FlexarTM liquid chromatography (LC) platform, which will be controlled by the new Chromera®
Chromatography Data System (CDS). Flexar incorporates a new ergonomic industrial design and delivers a wide range of pressure options intended to address the increasingly demanding application needs of high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) laboratories. The Company’s new multi-tiered platform offers solutions from semi-prep to ultra high pressure liquid chromatography (UHPLC). Chromera® has been built from the ground up, offering an easy approach to LC instrument control and chromatographic data processing. The instrument platform and software build upon PerkinElmer’s commitment to superior reliability in LC product design and control, providing a platform that covers a wider performance and pressure range.

The Flexar UHPLC Systems feature the new FX-15 UHPLC system, which can provide as much as a 10-fold gain in productivity, while reducing mobile phase solvent consumption by as much as 15-fold, depending on the application. Smaller particle size (<2μm) columns offer new possibilities for resolution and separations, as well as allow for faster analysis time. The new Chromera CDS provides an extensive suite of powerful tools designed to allow users to more easily control instruments, rapidly visualise data and efficiently communicate
results through an accessible worktop. The platform uses a patented technology for instrument control that allows flexibility of configurations and multiple detection capabilities to help address the increasing need for laboratory productivity.

Chromera also extends Flexar’s flexibility by supporting multi-detector system configurations often used in environmental and food safety applications. Laboratory managers and bench chemists in the environmental, food safety and quality, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries, as well as academia in environmental, biotech and chemical research can benefit from the flexibility that the Flexar UHPLC Systems and Chromera offer. Flexar is the only product line on the market that offers complete LC systems ranging from 6k psi to 10k psi
to 15k psi operation, allowing for highly customised LC solutions for specific applications.

Additional benefits of the Flexar UHPLC Systems include greater uptime results and a low total cost of ownership, with very cost-effective maintenance and parts.

Flexar UHPLC users have a choice for instrument control with the new Chromera workstation-based CDS or TotalChrom® for those who require a regulated or clientserver based CDS system. Chromera also offers a new ergonomic design that streamlines practical elegance and is intended to provide an intuitive workflow.