• POREX® Chromatography Frits, Media and Filters


POREX® Chromatography Frits, Media and Filters

May 21 2015

Porex Corporation, a proven market leader and innovator in advanced porous media solutions, has broadened its line of chromatography products with new and improved SPE and HPLC frits, protein crash/protein precipitation filters, and functionalised media.

Used in a broad spectrum of life science and clinical filtration, separation, extraction, and purification applications, POREX Chromatography Frits, Media and Filters are available in polyethylene, polypropylene, and PTFE materials. Frits are custom designed in various disc, spherical, and other geometries to help ensure a tight material seal, optimised assembly operation, and no resin by pass.  Hydrophilic, oleophobic, blended-resin, and functionalised materials are also available for use in the most challenging chromatography applications.

The Porex technical certification and performance program further optimises POREX Chromatography Frits, Media and Filters through use of proprietary processes to help eliminate potential methodology impurities from molding, packaging and environmental issues.

POREX Chromatography Frits, Media and Filters include:

  •  SPE Frits – used in SPE columns and cartridges, 48- and 96-well plates, and pipette tips. Disc and sphere shaped frits facilitate consistent column flow-through and high-sensitivity analysis in ion exchange, mixed mode, reverse phase, and affinity resin separations. 
  •  HPLC/Low Pressure LC Frits – used in HPLC/low pressure LC columns. Frits provide an even distribution of eluent to the chromatographic resin bed.
  •  Pre-Packaged Chromatography Column Frits – used for biopharmaceutical purifications. Frits come in a variety of sizes to facilitate bench-top and production-scale purifications.
  •  Protein Crash/ Protein Precipitation Filters – used to remove precipitated protein during mixing and incubation without plugging, breakthrough, or acetonitrile and other organic solvent leakage, thus eliminating time-consuming centrifugation and transfer steps.

Porex Chromatography Frits, Media and Filters help deliver precision, accuracy, and reliability with enhanced product configurations and material performance characteristics. When performance counts, collaborate with Porex for your next product innovation and turn ideas into reality.

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