• Next Generation Scale up Flash Purification
    The CombiFlash Torrent® system from Teledyne ISCO.


Next Generation Scale up Flash Purification

Aug 03 2022

CombiFlash Torrent®

CombiFlash Torrent® systems from Teledyne ISCO provides the ease of use and high reliability of their CombiFlash and RediSep® product lines in a large, development-scale platform. Packed with time-saving features and controlled by the company's innovative PeakTrak® software, the CombiFlash Torrent accommodates a broad range of injection, detection, and collection requirements. Choose from two models: CombiFlash Torrent for a combination of normal phase and reverse phase purifications, or CombiFlash Torrent AQ optimised for reverse phase.


Patented active solvent sensing technology monitors solvent supply and waste levels for true walk-away automation. Pressure and vapour sensors ensure safe operation by stopping the purification when pressure increases or a leak is detected. Fully grounded tubing allows safe operation at high flow rates. Optional air purging of the column after use simplifies disposal.


Tailor a system to meet your needs with a variety of sample introduction and fraction handling configurations.

Highly Programmable and Easy to Use

Teledyne ISCO’s powerful yet intuitive PeakTrak software - the industry standard in flash chromatography - lets you quickly access and edit every method parameter from one screen.

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