• Ion Exchange HPLC Columns for Protein Charge Variant and AAV Separation Analysis 


Ion Exchange HPLC Columns for Protein Charge Variant and AAV Separation Analysis 

Mar 29 2023

Thermo Fisher Scientific has introduced a new series of ion exchange columns that offer enhanced reproducibility, sensitivity, and durability to biopharmaceutical research labs. These columns are designed for charge-based analysis of therapeutic proteins and for separating full and empty adeno-associated virus (AAV) capsids utilised in gene therapy. 

The ProPac 3R HPLC column portfolio from Thermo Scientific utilises advanced monodisperse particle technology to provide exceptional reproducibility and consistent outcomes over the lifecycle of a drug - from R&D to commercialisation. With a new 3 µm particle size, it offers superior separation capabilities, including ultra-high resolution of charge variants, faster run times, and improved peak resolution.

The collection includes robust strong anion-exchange (SAX) and strong cation-exchange (SCX) column chemistries, available in two column lengths (50mm and 100mm) and two inner diameters (2mm and 4mm).

The new line of ion exchange columns from Thermo Fisher Scientific is built to be compatible with the mobile phases and organic solvents utilised in biopharmaceutical applications. These columns are made from bio-inert materials to reduce secondary interactions. Furthermore, they offer an improved peak-to-valley resolution of charge variants to increase certainty when quantifying critical quality attributes. The columns also provide confidence in detecting and identifying new acidic or basic variants during late-stage development. They have a high sample-loading capacity and analytical flexibility that allows for excellent sensitivity and performance under a broad range of pH, temperature, and mobile phase compositions, as well as MS capabilities. 

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