• Advancing spatial biology with powerful multi-omics profiling tools
    Spatial map of cells within tissue - 10x Xenium.

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Advancing spatial biology with powerful multi-omics profiling tools

Dec 01 2023

Spatial biology transcriptomics and proteomics service

Leading provider of life sciences products and services, AMSBIO, has introduced a tailored service offering access to a suite of powerful spatial biology multi-omics profiling tools.

The NanoString GeoMx DSP, a flexible multi-omics platform, ensures reliable quantitative assessment of spatial heterogeneity in various sample types. It eliminates the need for prequalification and addresses challenges associated with compromised sample data, providing scientists with a ground-breaking solution that integrates in situ visualisation with molecular profiling technologies. This approach allows researchers to seamlessly integrate workflows with existing histology methods, generating robust and reproducible spatial omics data efficiently.

For those seeking to visualise protein and whole transcriptome expression, AMSBIO presents the 10x Visium Digital Spatial Gene Expression. This tool streamlines experimentation with a ready-to-use workflow that integrates smoothly into existing laboratory methods. 10x Visium enables a holistic view of disease complexity, facilitating the discovery of new biomarkers, mapping spatial organisation in cell atlases, and identifying spatiotemporal gene expression patterns.

Introducing the 10x Xenium, a powerful end-to-end spatial platform that enables high-throughput subcellular mapping of thousands of RNA targets alongside multiplexed proteins in the same tissue section. With advanced targeted high-plex in situ analysis, 10x Xenium provides scientists with subcellular resolution and unprecedented depth analysis, allowing them to explore samples in the context of their spatial localisation patterns. This advanced analysis not only helps locate and type cells within their biological context but also addresses questions about cell–cell communication, profiles cellular microenvironments, and identifies rare cell infiltration.

These revolutionary spatial biology multi-omics profiling tools from AMSBIO represent a paradigm shift in biomedical research, empowering researchers to explore tissue heterogeneity intricacies and answer critical biological questions with precision and efficiency.

For laboratories interested in adopting these ground-breaking spatial biology techniques, AMSBIO offers expert application support, guidance, and assistance with data analysis through its knowledgeable technical team.

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