• FDA-compliant tissue microarrays
    FDA compliant tissue microarray. (courtesy: AMSBIO)

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FDA-compliant tissue microarrays

Jun 19 2024

AMSBIO is pleased to announce the expansion of its range of FDA-compliant tissue microarrays (TMAs), enhancing their utility in tissue cross-reactivity (TCR) and target validation studies. These high-quality TMAs facilitate high-throughput analysis of diverse tissue types recognised by both the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

Each TMA integrates multiple normal tissue types from three distinct donor samples on a single slide, enabling concurrent analysis and aiding in the identification of potential cross-reactive and off-target epitopes previously unobserved. Early detection of such insights during the discovery phase helps mitigate costly errors in diagnostic tests and undesired side effects from therapeutic agents.

These TMAs feature tissue cores validated and quality-controlled by licensed pathologists, arriving pre-mounted and ready-to-use. They support cost-effective, high-throughput analysis while ensuring clinical relevance through rigorous quality assurance measures.

Dr Phillip Pridham-Field, AMSBIO’s Business Unit Manager for Biorepository, remarked: “Our FDA-compliant tissue microarrays provide a rapid, cost-effective means for validating biological targets across multiple tissue samples.” He added: “Concurrent analysis of multiple specimens not only reduces operational time and conserves reagents but also enables high-throughput molecular tissue analysis.”

In addition to FDA-compliant controls, AMSBIO offers an extensive selection of over two thousand tissue microarrays for advanced biomarker and drug target validation research. All TMAs are sourced from AMSBIO’s extensive repository of normal human and animal tissues, alongside multiple tumour-type tissue arrays.

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