• Revolutionising neuromuscular disease research through 3D modelling
    Immunostaining of immature and mature neuromuscular junctions.
  • CELLBANKER® series of cell freezing media offer high cell viability (>90%) in serum, serum-free, GMP and DMSO-free formats.

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Revolutionising neuromuscular disease research through 3D modelling

Oct 26 2023

A recent case study published by AMSBIO highlights ground-breaking research in neuromuscular diseases. Led by Dr Roger Kamm at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), this project focuses on developing a 3D microfluidic neuromuscular platform for modelling Motor Neuron Diseases (MNDs).

MNDs, particularly amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), remain a significant medical challenge with a limited life expectancy of 2 to 5 years. The complexity of these diseases and a lack of in-depth understanding have hindered effective treatments.

MIT researchers have made notable progress using CELLBANKER® 1 and STEM-CELLBANKER® cryopreservation media from AMSBIO. These advancements have the potential to transform drug discovery and enhance our comprehension of MND development.

Dr Kamm emphasised that previous MND drug discovery methods often overlooked the role of skeletal muscle cells. The newly developed 3D neuromuscular model presents a broader perspective on pathology and offers a novel path to identify treatments that target both motor neurons and muscle cells, addressing the complex nature of MNDs.

The research protocol features a microfluidic chip with separate compartments for each cell type, closely mimicking living tissue. Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) from healthy donors or ALS patients were differentiated into neural stem cells, then expanded and cryogenically preserved using STEM-CELLBANKER® from AMSBIO.

This innovative approach holds great promise to tailor treatments to individual genetics and drug responses, enhancing effectiveness while minimising side effects. By providing a more accurate disease representation, the 3D neuromuscular model may accelerate drug discovery and streamline the transition from laboratory research to clinical applications.

For the full case study, please click here.

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