• Game-changing reagent kits to advance cell therapy development


Game-changing reagent kits to advance cell therapy development

May 30 2024

Applied Cells introduces its ground-breaking MARS® Ingenuity™ Reagent kits, for fast and easy cell isolation. The newly launched product line has both Research Use Only (RUO) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) grade reagents, tailored for application on Applied Cells’ proprietary MARS® Bar platform. This combination offers a comprehensive solution for high quality immunomagnetic cell isolation, advancing cell therapy development.

The amalgamation of high stability Ingenuity reagents with the high-capacity MARS Bar system presents a cost-efficient cell separation solution ideal for developing CAR-T-based, monocyte-based CAR-macrophage therapies, and cancer vaccines. The kits contain biodegradable 50 nm superparamagnetic beads conjugated with monoclonal antibodies, alongside 4.5 μm superparamagnetic beads catering to various isolation needs such as CD4+, CD8+, CD14+, and CD3/28+ cell subsets.

Researchers can utilise the RUO reagent kits on the MARS® Bar Flex instrument for initial small-scale optimisation, seamlessly transitioning to GMP-grade reagents for large-scale cell manufacturing on the MARS Bar system, employing a single-use closed tubing set. The system facilitates highly efficient immunomagnetic separation at rates of up to 6 ml/min, ensuring consistency in performance across all developmental phases.

The column-free design of the MARS Bar system enables direct cell isolation from an array of sample sizes and types, including leukopak, bone marrow, and whole peripheral blood, without additional washing steps. This streamlined process yields cell products of exceptional purity, viability, and recovery, expediting the time from research to market for novel therapies.

The integration of the MARS Bar system with Ingenuity reagents significantly reduces time and capital expenditure, facilitating expedited therapy development and manufacturing scale-up. Researchers appreciate the convenience of direct cell isolation from blood samples, eliminating laborious processing steps and enhancing productivity with high inter-batch reproducibility.

The newly released MARS Ingenuity kits, developed in collaboration with T&L Biotechnology, offer a new option for cell therapy developers to accelerate the discovery of life-saving cell therapies. Committed to comprehensive customer support, Applied Cells plans to bring additional Ingenuity line products for cell therapy in the near future.

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