• Innovative Anti-AAV kit advances gene therapy development


Innovative Anti-AAV kit advances gene therapy development

Jun 19 2024

Gyros Protein Technologies AB has announced the launch of its Gyrolab® Generic Anti-Adeno Associated Virus (AAV) Kit. This advanced, ready-to-use kit enables the qualitative assessment of pre-existing binding antibodies against AAV vectors, facilitating efficient screening in both pre-clinical and clinical environments. It addresses the critical need to identify pre-existing immunity that could impact the effectiveness of AAV-based gene therapy delivery.

The kit is designed to detect total binding anti-capsid antibodies across commonly used AAV serotypes, eliminating the necessity for serotype-specific assay development. This innovation streamlines the screening process, ensuring reproducible data while minimising variability and conserving valuable drug volumes by requiring minimal quantities of viral capsids.

Optimised for integration with all Gyrolab systems, this solution extends the capabilities of the Gyrolab platform into the bioanalytical field of AAV-based gene therapies. Automation capabilities reduce variability associated with manual processes, accelerate assay development, and deliver results in just 90 minutes, thereby expediting the advancement of novel gene therapies.

Mark Vossenaar, General Manager of the Biopharmaceutical Development Division at Gyros Protein Technologies, highlighted the kit's benefits: "The Gyrolab Generic Anti-AAV Kit represents a significant leap forward in the bioanalysis of AAV-based gene therapeutics, focusing on efficiency and time-saving. This addition to our portfolio of ready-to-use kits offers a rapid, cost-effective solution for detecting total binding antibodies, empowering informed decision-making without the need for serotype-specific assay development or extensive optimisation. It ensures convenience, reliability, and robust data for our customers, enabling precise individual stratification following pre-existing anti-AAV antibody screening."

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