• Gut/Liver model aims to advance ADME studies
    Yassan Abbas
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Gut/Liver model aims to advance ADME studies

Apr 10 2024

CN Bio (Cambridge, UK) and Altis Biosystems, leading developers of in vitro human organ models, are partnering to create a primary human gut/liver microphysiological system (MPS) with inter-organ communication to mimic the oral drug administration route. By integrating Altis’ human RepliGut® Planar-Jejunum model and CN Bio’s PhysioMimix® Liver-on-a-chip solution, the partnership is aiming to provide enhanced translation of absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion (ADME) data collected at an earlier stage during the drug discovery and development process.

The RepliGut Planar model uses donor intestinal stem cells sequentially proliferated and differentiated into the key cell types in the human gastrointestinal epithelium to recreate the cellular lifecycle of the intestinal crypt, which can be used for a variety of applications. Interconnection with CN Bio’s primary human Liver-on-a-Chip, will achieve a dual-organ Gut/Liver model representing the next-generation of CN Bio’s oral bioavailability assay, which will enable researchers to maximise the accuracy and predictability of in vitro derived data.

Dr Yassen Abbas, Lead Scientist, CN Bio, said: “At CN Bio, we strive to develop the most predictive and human-relevant assays possible - we recognise Altis is specialised in modeling the intestinal epithelium, so we anticipated working together would provide a unique opportunity. Through this strategic partnership we can capitalise on each other’s strengths to provide the industry with a best-in-class solution to address researchers’ needs – we are excited by its ongoing success.” 

Dr. Ben Scruggs, CEO, Altis Biosystems, commented: “We are very excited to be embarking on this relationship with CN-Bio. Coming together like this enables researchers to benefit from decades of organ-specific expertise combined into one dual-organ MPS solution. Our collaborative relationship supports Altis’ ongoing mission to develop advanced cell-based models and assays that bridge the gap between basic research and clinical translation and it’s a great step in our evolution as a company.” 

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