• Microplate Photometer for Accurate ELISA Assays


Microplate Photometer for Accurate ELISA Assays

Oct 08 2019

Microplate Photometer HiPo MPP-96 by Biosan is a compact tabletop device for measuring and analysing results of ELISA in 96-well microplates. HiPo MPP-96 is controlled via computer and is supplied with full version QuantAssay software free of charge.

HiPo MPP-96 has high accuracy and precision, wide OD measurement range, up to 8 filters on wheel and a LED light source for a long service life.

QuantAssay software has a user friendly interface. The robust and clear assay editor allows you to carry out ELISA assays of any complexity from qualitative/quantitative assays to affinity/ avidity and multiplex assays. Unlimited number of programs and reports can be stored.

Сhoose an assay and run it only in 3 clicks, wait for 5-8 sec per channel to read the microplate and the report is ready to be assessed.

Features include: fast reading speed of 5- 8 s per wavelength; wide measurement range from 0 - 4.3 OD; world class accuracy and precision with 0 - 2 OD ≤ (0.5% ± 0.010 OD) and 0 - 2 OD ≤ (0.5% ± 0.005 OD); process ELISA assays of any complexity; user friendly software allows results to be analysed in 3 clicks.

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