• Real-Time HPLC Pump Monitoring


Real-Time HPLC Pump Monitoring

Oct 05 2023

Testa Analytical's Liquid Chromatography Flowmeter (LCF) is a ground-breaking real-time monitoring device designed for continuous performance measurement of HPLC and uHPLC system pumps.

Traditionally, the quality of data from HPLC systems relied on periodic checks of specific parameters, offering only snapshots of system performance at certain moments. This approach couldn't guarantee total application quality.

Flow rate is a critical factor in HPLC systems, as it directly affects retention time and volume, significantly influencing reproducibility. The Testa Analytical LCF monitors liquid flow to your HPLC system in real-time, generating a continuous stream of data that seamlessly correlates with specific chromatograms, providing true, continuous quality assurance for your application.

The compact LCF is compatible with all HPLC solvents and draws power from a USB connection. At its core, the LCF features a high-resolution thermal flow sensor, combining exceptional accuracy with sensitivity. This non-invasive sensor allows the device to operate effectively across a wide dynamic range.

The LCF features an integral high-resolution OLED Display that provides real-time flow rate information. An intuitive PC-based application permits users to continuously record and store flow rate data from their HPLC system. The LCF software also enables users to store various calibration factors for different solvents and save detailed descriptions of the solvents in use. Furthermore, communication data buffering ensures data integrity, even when the PC is engaged in other tasks. The application further allows for the concurrent operation and communication of multiple LCF units with a single PC.

With the Testa Analytical Liquid Chromatography Flowmeter, the days of sporadic quality checks are over. Now, you can ensure continuous, real-time quality assessment for your HPLC or uHPLC system's pump performance, enhancing reliability and the overall quality of your analytical results.

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