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Your Analytical Data Deserves More Than Instrument Software

Jun 21 2023

In the rapidly evolving landscape of chemical data handling, innovation depends on scientists’ ability to extract actionable insights from ever-expanding data sets. Instrument vendor software is designed for acquiring data from specific instruments or devices. While it serves its purpose for data acquisition and basic analysis, it lacks the sophistication and flexibility required to unlock deeper insights.

For scientific labs that own a variety of analytical instruments from multiple vendors, the situation is further complicated. Each vendor outputs data in their own proprietary format, which limits the integration of data from different sources and hinders comprehensive analysis. Additionally, scientists must learn and switch between multiple processing interfaces, a workflow that is both inefficient and prone to errors. As a result, third-party analytical data processing software has gained popularity as a vendor-neutral alternative.

The Spectrus Platform is a third-party analytical data handling platform that further simplifies the software landscape by consolidating interpretation for multiple analytical techniques, including NMR, LC/MS, LC/UV/MS, GC/MS, IR, and Raman, into a single application. It facilitates a holistic approach to analytical data interpretation by bringing together all the tools scientists need to turn their data into decisions, including:

  • multi-technique, vendor-agnostic analytical data processing tools
  • relevant chemical information, including chemical structures and experimental parameters
  • trusted algorithms to assist with processing, interpretation, and reporting

Assembling analytical data in a single application allows scientists to extract the full potential of their data and perform efficient, comprehensive analyses resulting in high quality insights.

Want to learn more? See how Takeda’s Analytical Group streamlined analytical data processing for medicinal chemists in their open access lab — read the case study.

Prefer to try it yourself? The software offers flexibility for users and their organizations with the option to choose the application that fits their needs.

For users who run a variety of techniques and want to consolidate analysis in one application, or to process, re-process, and analyze data away from the instrument, browser-based Spectrus JS provides unparalleled accessibility for groups of 5 or more users.

Alternatively, locally-installed Spectrus Processor can serve any number of users and allows them to search in-house or commercial databases.

Use the links above to get a free trial and try the software with your own data.

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