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Advanced energy concept, precision results

Aug 19 2015

solarus® sets standards as the world’s first digital burette with an integrated solar cell. The power supply for the electronics and display is derived exclusively from an integrated solar cell. Batteries can be completely dispensed with.

Easily replaceable valves, individual calibration with 'Quick-Cal' and permanent storage of the manufacturer’s calibration mean that solarus® can be adapted rapidly and flexibly. The vivid digital display prevents meniscus reading errors and is always clearly legible, regardless of the viewing angle. The handwheels with a soft touch surface are ergonomically optimised for particularly precise control.

solarus® is available in a 10ml, 20ml and 50ml version. Thanks to its innovative technology, the solarus® 10ml enables titration of the smallest volumes with an indicating range of 10 μl to 99.99ml in 10 μl graduations. The ejection unit with a fine tip is supplied as a standard component.

Solar technology for sustainable performance
Use of solarus® ensures that the term 'sustainable' is related directly to work in the laboratory. The unique solar-powered digital burette is powered exclusively using photovoltaic. Power is supplied to the solarus® electronics via the solar cell at the rear. Charging and changing of batteries, excessive stand-by costs or returning the unit for replacement of lithium cells are therefore a thing of the past.

solarus® exploits instead the advantages of solar technology: comfortable, simple, environmentally friendly, inexhaustible and free. Use of superior-quality solar cells ensures a reliable power supply at all times, even where lighting conditions are restricted in the laboratory.

Convincing functionality and design
solarus® is not only distinguished during laboratory work by its use of solar technology, but also numerous further sophisticated functions, innovative details and design aesthetics. These have already gained it accolades on several occasions at the most prestigious international design competitions.

Manual titration with solarus® combines flexibility and technical innovation. The display is powered by the solar cell and enables precise operation completely without a power connection and cable. It is self-explanatory and clearly legible at all times, regardless of the viewing angle. Specific customer configurations can be realised both rapidly and simply.

Manual handling is supported on solarus® by user-friendly details, ranging from handwheels with a soft touch surface for a firm hold and the Hirschmann media recirculation system to free rotation onto the laboratory bottle.

Awards for environmental innovation and design
With its unique function and design, solarus® not only impressed users, but also the jury. Since the market launch, it has regularly been among those products nominated for awards and the prize winners of prestigious national and international design competitions. It has also won several environmental prizes, being awarded both the Blue Angel (Blauer Engel) and the Green Good Design award.

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