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ceramus® - uncompromising reliability

Oct 07 2015

Years of experience gained by Hirschmann in liquid handling are reflected in the perfection embodied in ceramus® and absolute attention to detail. The graduation gauge and digital volume configuration engagement guarantee consistent precision and volume dispensing and ensure reproducible resultsr.

The dispensing piston made of high-purity aluminium oxide ceramic and the DURAN®  glass cylinder guarantee a maximum level of chemical and thermal resistance.

This ensures continuously reliable dimensional stability of the parts which determine the volume and superior user comfort. The piston fits with absolute precision, can be operated easily with a minimum of effort and retains its functional reliability throughout the entire period of use.

The high-quality materials in all parts conveying medium enable the use of ceramus® within a temperature range from 4°C to 50°C.

Overview of details

  • Piston made of high-purity aluminium oxide ceramic
  • Fixed and variable volumes from 0.2ml to 60ml
  • Complete unit can be sterilised at 121°C
  • Free rotation
  • Media recirculating system for simple and rapid venting without reagent loss
  • User-independent, reproducible volume dispensing
  • Digital volume configuration engagement, calibrated for a lifetime
  • Robust ejection unit
  • Threaded suction hose fitting
  • Optimum chemical and thermal resistance of parts conveying medium
  • Quality certificate with certificate of conformity.

Precision instead of sense of proportion
Digital volume configuration engagement ensures immediate, consistent and absolutely reliable adjustment of the desired volume.

Absolute reproducibility
The graduation gauge ensures absolutely reproducible work. A volume originally selected which is newly configured is always identical to the previous setting – with no need for subsequent calibration.

User-friendly recirculation system
ceramus® is equipped with a unique comfortable media recirculation system. Venting is realised simply, reliably and rapidly with a single rotation – without reagent loss.

Flexible and reliable
ceramus® can be screwed directly onto the bottle: the labelled side of the bottle remains visible to the user.

Precision work with suction hose
The robust suction hose is not pushed on, but screwed firmly to the unit. This reliably prevents the formation of air bubbles during suctioning.

Standard feature: quality certificate
Each ceramus® is individually inspected for precision according to DIN EN ISO 9000. This ensures reliability.

Universal Luer connector
A universal Luer connector is fitted to the rear of the unit to enable connection of the dry tube, filters and much more.

Ceramic piston made of extremely hard, high-purity aluminium oxide ceramic
The ceramic piston is made of extremely hard, high-purity aluminium oxide ceramic and is fitted into the DURAN® glass cylinder with micrometer precision for an absolutely tight seal. This achieves impressive ease of guidance and a maximum degree of functional reliability. Abrasion, serration, gushing or the detaching of a layer are prevented.

ceramus® HF - Specially developed for hydrofluoric acid or other aggressive media
The piston, cylinder, valve seats and balls are made of high-purity aluminium oxide ceramic, while the valve springs are made of platinum-iridium. The volume can be variably adjusted from 2ml to 10ml.

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