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Improve success rates with Olympus IVF Solutions

Nov 07 2018

Growing demand for assisted reproductive techniques (ART) in IVF is increasing pressure on embryologists to maximize success rates of IVF cycles. As part of this, embryologists are routinely faced with time pressures and the challenges of increasing intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) success rates and selecting the best embryo for transfer.

Oocyte quality is significant for successful IVF procedures. Therefore, embryologists really need methods to quickly determine oocyte quality, carry out ICSI without damage to the oocyte, and to help identify embryos with high implantation competence. Olympus has developed a range of IVF solutions specifically designed to make this easy for embryologists with fast, true-to-life images at the microscope.

Integrated Spindle Visualisation

To enable spindle visualization, Olympus has developed an innovative solution to quickly and easily assess oocyte quality via integrated polarization microscopy on its IX73 microscopes. Seeing spindles directly enables clear metaphase II staging (identification of optimal conditions) and significantly improves the workflow. Directly visualising the location of spindles, which may be located away from the polar body, reduces the risk of accidentally damaging the spindle apparatus.

Embryologists can now check spindle location in seconds thanks to a fully automated system that optimizes the microscope setup for quick and clear spindle visualisation with just a simple push of a button.

A Simpler Workflow, Today and Tomorrow

Future-proof your workflow with Olympus IVF solutions. The ability to quickly and directly visualise spindles simplifies even advanced biopsy work and future challenges such as spindle biopsies for maternal (meiotic) spindle transfers (MST). This new technique has the potential to make treatment of fertility problems attributed to oocyte cytoplasmic defects easier in the future.

Rest Assured with Optical Quality

ART requires the highest optical quality. Olympus Relief Contrast (ORC) objectives have been developed specifically for this purpose and are continuously optimised by our experts. In addition, the semi-motorised IX73 system guarantees the best optical alignment, making manual objective changes, which carry a risk of misalignment, a thing of the past.

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