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Lost in Translation?

Apr 22 2006

Even the simplest information can be misunderstood in a multilingual environment, so imagine being able to log in your samples in the US (in English) with the data available immediately and accurately to your laboratory in Japan, in Japanese! The latest LIMS innovation from Quality Systems International (QSI) is sophisticated language handling that allows WinLIMS users to run their system in their chosen language. By translating user interface elements like screens, menus and dialogue boxes, etc., WinLIMS gives individual users the convenience and ease of working that comes from using their native language. Global companies using centralised systems can move data around the world without the fear that vital information will be "lost in translation". Operators can have their preferred language assigned to their WinLIMS staff record, and by simply logging in will then immediately see the whole system in that language. Users have the ability to change or update the translations used to reflect changing situations and can even translate actual data - examples might be product names, method or parameter names or details of raw materials. Currently, WinLIMS can be supplied with the following languages already set up: English, German, French, Dutch, simplified Chinese and Portuguese, but the user can set up any other language that might be needed, including languages that require double byte character sets like Chinese, Japanese or Korean. " We are currently unaware of any other LIMS vendor that can offer this degree of sophistication in language handling", said QSI's Clive Collier.