• Integra Mediaclave: Efficiency, Safety, and Automation at Your Fingertips

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Integra Mediaclave: Efficiency, Safety, and Automation at Your Fingertips

Jul 19 2023

Scientific Laboratory Supplies (SLS) takes pride in being the exclusive supplier of the Integra MEDIACLAVE 10 and MEDIACLAVE 30 Media Preparators. These innovative products offer numerous benefits to enhance efficiency in workflow and streamline media preparation processes.

One of the key advantages of Integra Mediaclaves is its ability to increase productivity and optimise resource allocation. By automating the media preparation process, laboratories can reduce labour costs and allocate personnel to more diverse and less repetitive tasks. With the Integra Mediaclave, laboratories can rapidly and gently sterilise culture medium volumes ranging from 1-10L (Mediaclave 10) or 3-30L (Mediaclave 30), ensuring consistent quality and reliable sterilisation.

The Integra Mediaclave simplifies media preparation with its user-friendly interface and easy assembly. It provides the convenience of directly suspending and dissolving culture medium within the instrument, thanks to its powerful magnetic stirrer that ensures thorough mixing and prevents coagulation. Alternatively, the water bath operation mode allows for pre-swelling and dissolving of the culture medium before sterilisation. The Mediaclave's user interface is designed to be intuitive and can be easily programmed. It can store up to 50 programs, allowing users to define parameters such as sterilisation temperature, sterilisation time, or dispensing temperature for each program.

Integration with the Integra Biosciences Mediajet adds further convenience to the Mediaclave. The Mediaclave can be connected to the Mediajet, enabling automated and continuous dispensing of media into petri dishes with a single press. This automation not only saves time but also ensures precise and consistent dispensing, eliminating manual errors.

Safety is a top priority with the Mediaclave. It offers multiple safety features, including the ability to dissolve culture medium directly within the instrument, reducing the risk of contamination. Automatic self-checks and independent monitoring systems for temperature and pressure provide additional safeguards during the sterilisation process.

The Mediaclave is equipped with comprehensive tools for process documentation and validation. It features an integrated web server that enables remote monitoring of the sterilisation process and instrument parameters via Ethernet connectivity. This allows for real-time oversight and reduces the need for physical presence during the process. The Mediaclave also facilitates secure electronic storage of process data, eliminating the reliance on printed copies for archiving.

In terms of data management, the Mediaclave offers the capability to electronically store all process data to a USB flash drive. This ensures that process log files are automatically saved when a flash drive is connected to the USB port of the Mediaclave. Additionally, laboratories have the option to archive high-quality printouts, resistant to fading, using the optional dot matrix printer. The printing intervals and parameters can be adjusted individually for each process phase, enabling labs to minimise paper usage and operational expenses. Alternatively, a standard external printer can be directly connected via the serial interface.

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