• analytica 2024: Advancing food analysis for sustainable nutrition
    Exhibitors from all over the world will show their innovations in the field of food analysis and safety at analytica 2024.

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analytica 2024: Advancing food analysis for sustainable nutrition

Nov 15 2023

The landscape of the food market is evolving, witnessing a surge in demand for sustainable options without compromising on taste. From meat substitutes to vegan alternatives, consumers are embracing change, and modern analytical methods are at the forefront of this culinary revolution. Armin Wittmann, Exhibition Director of analytica at Messe München, highlights the pivotal role of these methods in developing alternative foods, setting the stage for exhibitors worldwide to showcase their innovations in food analysis and safety at the analytica trade fair from 9-12 April  2024 in Munich.

Nutrition transformed

Sophisticated testing methods are blurring the lines between vegan alternatives and traditional animal-based products. Exhibitor Shimadzu, for instance, introduces a method utilising gas chromatography and mass spectrometry to identify flavour-relevant substances in meat and fish. This knowledge aids in optimising the aroma of substitute products. Texture, a crucial element, is assessed using Shimadzu’s Texture Analyser, while Anton Paar provides instruments for measuring friction and lubrication, influencing the right mouthfeel.

Lab-grown meat and industrial biotechnology

The promise of lab-grown meat from animal cells is explored in Hall A3, focusing on industrial biotechnology. From Petri dishes to incubators and bioreactors, analytica brings together the equipment necessary for this cutting-edge development. The event also offers insights into nutrient and contaminant analysis, protein compositions, and allergen detection in end products.

Addressing emerging challenges

Apart from novel foods, common products come under scrutiny with a focus on pollutant analysis. The spotlight is on perfluorinated and polyfluorinated alkyl compounds (PFAS), considered harmful to health and prevalent in the environment, drinking water, and various foods. Analytica sheds light on the ongoing development of comprehensive PFAS regulations at the EU level and the optimisation of PFAS analysis methods. Key manufacturers in PFAS analysis equipment, including Agilent, Analytik Jena, Bruker, Gerstel, Shimadzu, and Waters, are prominently featured.

Digitalisation in food analysis

The growing demands of food analysis find support in digitalisation. Bruker offers FT-IR spectroscopy with an intelligent algorithm for swift microplastics analysis, while Horiba recommends Raman spectroscopy, accompanied by specialised software for fully automated particle analysis. Analytica extends its coverage to the entire spectrum of modern food analysis, inviting visitors to explore Lab 4.0 - a dedicated space for digitalisation events.

Susanne Grödl, Deputy Exhibition Director of analytica, emphasises the crucial role of reliable analytical methods in providing society with healthy, tasty, and sustainable food. analytica serves as a platform that unites users, equipment manufacturers, scientists, and food inspectors, fostering collaboration to address the challenges of our time.

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