• Transforming laboratories: Sustainability solutions unveiled at analytica 2024
    At analytica, exhibitors showcase environmentally friendly alternatives to questionable reagents and solvents.

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Transforming laboratories: Sustainability solutions unveiled at analytica 2024

Dec 13 2023

At analytica, set to take place in Munich from 9 to 12 April 2024, the focus is on transforming laboratories into green spaces through innovative technologies and sustainable practices. The event aims to bring together global exhibitors presenting their ground-breaking solutions and concepts to reduce energy consumption, optimise resource utilisation, and minimise waste in laboratories.

Energy efficiency in lab appliances

Laboratories are notorious for their high energy consumption, surpassing that of typical office and residential buildings. Manufacturers such as Fryka, Huber, Lauda, and Liebherr will showcase advancements in refrigeration technology at analytica. Energy-efficient appliances featuring vacuum insulation, optimised sealing systems, and eco-friendly refrigerants promise sustainable cooling solutions, addressing the environmental impact associated with traditional lab equipment.

Green lab consultation

Waldner, an exhibitor at analytica, offers a Green Lab consultation service to identify and address energy-intensive equipment in laboratories, aiding the transition towards a ‘zero-carbon’ environment. From fume cupboards to centrifuges, laboratories can now optimise their energy usage and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Sustainable chemicals and consumables

The journey toward sustainability begins with laboratory chemicals and consumables. Exhibitors such as AppliChem, Carlo Erba, Merck, and Roth will provide expert guidance on environmentally friendly alternatives to reagents and solvents. Discussions with application specialists at equipment manufacturers will help laboratories explore ways to convert analysis methods to more sustainable chemicals.

Helium alternatives

As helium becomes scarcer and costlier, analytica exhibitors such as Agilent and Shimadzu offer alternatives to high-purity helium, ensuring the continuity of gas chromatography processes. Special gas filters and system settings that allow the use of less expensive helium with lower purity levels are among the solutions presented at the event.

Bio-based plastics for laboratory utensils

To address the environmental impact of fossil plastic consumption, exhibitor Eppendorf introduces bio-based plastics for pipette tips, tubes, and PCR plates, offering a sustainable alternative and reducing the carbon footprint associated with laboratory utensils.

Waste reduction through miniaturisation

Analytical devices embracing the trend of miniaturisation significantly reduce resource consumption, with the ability to process samples in microlitre ranges. Some devices, like Raman spectroscopes from exhibitors such as analyticon, Anton Paar, Bruker, Horiba, Metrohm, and Mettler Toledo, even enable non-contact analysis without the need for chemicals. The trend towards smaller devices is complemented by repair and maintenance services offered by most manufacturers, emphasising the importance of collaborative efforts for sustainability in laboratories.

analytica, showcasing analytical, bio, and laboratory technology, presents a comprehensive platform for industry players to explore and implement sustainable practices, fostering a greener future for laboratories.

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