• Meet Cell Metric<sup>®</sup> X - Imaging with Artificial Intelligence-Based Cell Detection by Advanced Instruments

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Meet Cell Metric® X - Imaging with Artificial Intelligence-Based Cell Detection by Advanced Instruments

Jan 23 2023

Cell Metric X combines the same high-contrast, high-resolution imaging as its predecessor but with the unbiased assistance of artificial intelligence to identify clonally derived cells at day 0.

Advanced Instruments, a global provider of scientific and analytical instruments, announces the launch of Cell Metric® X, a high-contrast imager that offers automatic same-day identification of clonally derived cells. A groundbreaking new development to Solentim's industry leading Cell Metric, Cell Metric X offers automated image analysis to streamline cell line development workflows.

Artificial intelligence-based Automatic Evidence of Clonality (AEC) enables scientists to quickly identify clonally derived cells at day 0. This reduces time and effort spent on image analysis needed to confirm successful seeding. The result: rapid assurance of clonality, with image-based evidence required for FDA (Food and Drug Administration) IND (Investigational New Drug) submission delivered weeks earlier.

"Cell Metric X is a remarkable step forward from Cell Metric—a trusted standard in clonal assurance for over ten years," said Byron Selman, CEO of Advanced Instruments. "Our customers have been constrained by labor-intensive image analysis for too long. With Automated Evidence of Clonality, they can obtain evidence of single cells in a fraction of the analysis time previously taken—at day zero—freeing them up to focus on higher-value tasks and accelerating the path to approval."

While Cell Metric X builds on its predecessor, it retains many core features, including:

  • High quality, high contrast, brightfield imaging
  • High-throughput 10-position plate stacker
  • Robotic access via flexible API and barcode reader
  • Edge-of-well imaging for optimal single-cell detection
  • Automated clonality reports for seamless IND submission
  • Compatibility with the VIPS® PRO for double lock of monoclonality assurance

 Features new to Cell Metric X include:

  • Automated Evidence of Clonality saves the user time by pre-identifying cell locations
  • STUDIUS™ integration enables streamlined workflow and quality data management across the Solentim Ecosystem
  • Walk-away automation for reduced hands-on time for high-throughput use
  • Easy integration with third-party robotics
  • Automatic clonality report for confident submissions
  • Confluence Precision Scan accurate within 5%
  • Automated setup for ease-of-use and reduced learning curve

For compatibility with a variety of workflows, Cell Metric X is available either as a single plate system or with an automated, temperature-controlled 10-plate stacker (Cell Metric X HT). It's also fully compatible with third-party robotic integration (Cell Metric X R).

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