• Evaluate the Entire Analytical Process of the BCID2 Panel Assay for Sepsis
    MDx-Chex is now available in the UK from Alpha Laboratories.

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Evaluate the Entire Analytical Process of the BCID2 Panel Assay for Sepsis

Apr 06 2022

The BIOFIRE® Blood Culture Identification 2 (BCID2) Panel rapidly detects pathogens and antimicrobial resistance genes, directly from positive blood cultures, to shorten the time to optimal therapy for sepsis. To monitor accuracy and precision of the whole system the new Streck MDx-Chex™ Control is the first-of-its-kind quality control, specifically designed to meet the standards for verifying the entire analytical process of the BioFire BCID2 sepsis assay. It provides confidence in instrument results to ensure the best patient treatment decisions.

Now available in the UK from Alpha Laboratories, MDx-Chex evaluates the entire analytical process of the assay, including cell lysis, DNA extraction, purification and removal of PCR inhibitors, as well as qPCR amplification, detection and analysis.

MDx-Chex™ contains 43 bacteria, yeasts and antimicrobial resistance gene targets covering all those tested on the BIOFIRE BCID2 Panel. The intact, inactivated microorganisms are suspended in a matrix of stabilised red and white blood cells, plus blood culture media components, designed to challenge the lysis and purification processes, just like a patient sample. Routine use of MDx-Chex for BCID2 as a full process quality control can help identify variations in the test system that can lead to incorrect results. It can be used as a 3rd party quality control to support ISO 15189 compliance.

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