• Efficient Transduction of CAR into T-cells
    3D illustration of T cells attacking a cancer cell (CAR-T cell therapy).

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Efficient Transduction of CAR into T-cells

May 18 2023

AMSBIO introduces a new selection of high-titre Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) lentivirus. This cutting-edge range is specifically designed to deliver exceptional transduction efficiency, enabling efficient and successful incorporation of CAR into both resting and actively dividing T-cells.

The FDA's 2017 approval of CAR-T cells for leukaemia and lymphoma marked a significant milestone in personalised cancer treatment. Since then, the field has experienced rapid expansion, with a surge of research focused on exploring the therapeutic potential of CAR-T cells.

Harnessing the power of CAR-T cell therapies, researchers are increasingly utilising them as a strategic approach to redirect a patient's T-cells, enabling the targeted destruction of specific tumour cells. Among various methods, researchers have discovered that viral vectors exhibit the highest efficacy in transducing CAR into T cells, making them a preferred choice during the CAR-T cell manufacturing process.

AMSBIO's new range of clinical-grade CAR lentivirus presents an ideal solution for ex-vivo generation of CAR-T cells. These lentiviral vectors possess the unique capability to stably integrate large DNA inserts and efficiently transduce both dividing and non-dividing cells. With AMSBIO's CAR lentivirus, researchers gain a powerful tool to facilitate the production of CAR-T cells with enhanced stability and transduction efficiency.

AMSBIO introduces a diverse range of CAR lentivirus products meticulously tailored to accommodate various research applications. Immunotherapy researchers aiming to expedite their timelines can rely on AMSBIO's ready-to-transduce CAR lentivirus, boasting an impressive concentration of up to 10e9 infectious units per millilitre (IFU/ml). With this high-quality resource at their disposal, researchers can efficiently maximise their experimental efficiency and advance their studies in the field of immunotherapy.

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