• Highly consistent collagen fibre scaffold for 3D cell culture
    Primary tenocytes (red tdtomato) grown in CollaFibR™ scaffold, stained with anti-collagen (green).
  • CollaFibR™ scaffold in 12-well plate format.

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Highly consistent collagen fibre scaffold for 3D cell culture

Mar 21 2024

CollaFibR™ from AMSBIO is a collagen fibre matrix produced using patented dry-spinning technology. This innovative material closely mimics the biomechanical and biochemical properties of natural collagen scaffolds, providing a highly accurate representation of in-vivo conditions.

CollaFibR™ is manufactured on a commercial scale using automated Good Manufacturing Process technology, ensuring high consistency and quality. It caters to various applications in 3D cell culture and tissue engineering, offering physiologically relevant environments for cellular alignment, migration, and elongation.

The user-friendly 12-well plate insert format makes CollaFibR™ scaffolds ideal for both 2D and 3D cell culture applications. Custom scaffolds tailored to specific needs are also available, with control over thicknesses, porosities, and alignment, ensuring batch-to-batch consistency and high cell viability.

With options for fluorescent tagging, CollaFibR™ scaffolds are compatible with various microscopy techniques and come UV sterilised for immediate use. They are degradable with collagenase, facilitating easy cell extraction.

Additionally, CollaFibR™ is offered as short dry-spun 50 μm collagen fibres, enhancing cellular viability, shape fidelity, and biological relevance in bioinks and hydrogels.

CollaFibR™ scaffolds set a new standard for cell culture consistency, driving innovation in areas such as 3D tissue culture, myelination studies, and contract tissue engineering.

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