• Revolutionary Hydrogel Redefines 3D Cell Culture
    Using MatriMix to induce organoid formation by Colon cancer cells.

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Revolutionary Hydrogel Redefines 3D Cell Culture

Jun 01 2023

Fully defined and regulatory friendly hydrogel

AMSBIO unveils MatriMix, an revolutionary 3D culture substrate that redefines the field. This cutting-edge hydrogel incorporates fully defined components such as medical grade collagens, laminin-511 E8 fragments, and hyaluronic acid, setting a new standard. With outstanding lot-to-lot consistency, MatriMix empowers researchers to achieve remarkable reproducibility in their experiments.

MatriMix surpasses existing 3D substrates, unlocking new possibilities for advanced applications such as organoid formation with adult patient-derived cells and iPSC culture. Additionally, MatriMix demonstrates remarkable performance in in vivo animal PDX models, further solidifying its exceptional capabilities.

MatriMix, designed as a versatile three-tube formulation kit, provides unrivalled flexibility. Researchers have the freedom to fine-tune the types and concentrations of individual components, tailoring the extracellular environment to perfectly suit their target cells. This exceptional capability unlocks new avenues for cultivating diverse tissue types, expanding the possibilities of cell culture.

With its remarkable capacity to promote exceptional cell organisation and accurately replicate in vivo conditions, MatriMix emerges as the ultimate solution for cultivating challenging cell types and conducting drug screening. Moreover, MatriMix incorporates medical grade porcine collagens, simplifying the transition from fundamental research to clinical applications unlike any other natural hydrogel available.

Extensive validation studies have unequivocally established the versatility of this hydrogel across a diverse range of cell types. These studies have consistently demonstrated its ability to induce organoids with remarkable reproducibility, spanning multiple organ types such as kidney, liver, intestine, and more.

In addition, MatriMix presents practical benefits over other 3D substrates. It is conveniently supplied as a liquid at 4°C, eliminating the requirement for expensive dry ice shipping. When incubated at physiological temperature (37°C), MatriMix transitions into a clear gel, providing enhanced visualisation opportunities for researchers. This unique characteristic adds to the user-friendly nature of MatriMix, simplifying experimental procedures and interpretation.

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