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Mercury Analysis in Food Samples – A Case Study

May 24 2023

Are you analysing for total mercury content and have a large number of samples to process?

In a recent case study, Milestone spoke to Aquagro®, a seafood exporter who invested in a Milestone DMA-80 mercury analyser in 2019. Due to rapid growth in the business they recently invested in a second instrument and now they analyse approximately 6,500 samples per month - over 200 samples a day.

Aquagro® say: “For our business at Aquagro, controlling mercury concentrations is critical. Milestone has proven to be a reliable partner in our decision-making process, which highlights its commitment and professionalism to its customers. We are completely satisfied with the stability and reliability of the results with our two DMA-80 systems; we would certainly recommend this instrument and Milestone as a trusted partner.”

Mercury analysis can be a cumbersome process with multiple sample preparation steps required. Furthermore, instrumentation can require extensive and frequent calibration, as often as twice a day.

The Milestone DMA-80 Direct Mercury Analyser from Analytix overcomes these common problems as a calibration can last up to six months and is matrix independent. Samples require no sample preparation and are simply weighted into sample boats and loaded into the instrument. Measurements take as little as six minutes and total mercury results are generated at the end of analysis.

Given the ease of use and cost effectiveness, the system is also ideal for use out in the field or off-shore. Systems can be calibrated in the lab/on-shore prior to shipment, also meaning that hazardous mercury does not need to be shipped with the system. Maintenance is simple, with support often performed remotely, ideal when up-time is crucial.

Contact Analytix for a copy of the Aquagro case study.

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