• Optimising API development with bespoke lab vessels
    Richard Ward, Principal Chemist at Almac Sciences with the Asynt ReactoMate ATOM lab reactors and Julabo temperature control solutions.

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Optimising API development with bespoke lab vessels

Oct 05 2023

A case study with Almac Sciences

Asynt, a leading laboratory equipment provider, has partnered with Almac Sciences, a prominent specialist in API development and manufacturing, to create and deliver a range of custom reactor vessels. This case study illustrates the fruitful collaboration between the two organisations, emphasising the advantages of employing Asynt's lab vessels to streamline Almac Sciences' scale-up procedures.

Almac Sciences, a member of the Almac Group, has earned a reputation as a trusted provider of integrated services for the development of advanced intermediates and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API). With over five decades of expertise, Almac Sciences is recognised for its technical proficiency, extensive facilities, and innovative solutions.

Optimising scale-up with Asynt's lab reactors

Recognising the significance of efficient scale-up processes, Almac Sciences initially partnered with Asynt to acquire benchtop-scale lab reactors ranging from 250 mL to 1,000 mL. These reactors were designed to closely replicate Almac Sciences' larger plant vessels, ensuring a seamless transition to large-scale manufacturing.

Richard Ward, Principal Chemist at Almac Sciences, explained: "The small-scale custom lab reactors designed and provided by Asynt, combined with our modeling software, enable us to simulate and validate our processes before scaling up to our manufacturing plant. This collaborative approach not only saves time and costs but also enhances confidence in the manufacturing success of the scaled-up processes.”

Expanding capabilities with larger custom lab vessels

Building upon the successful partnership and the necessity to support their expansion plans, Almac Sciences turned to Asynt to procure larger custom lab vessels, ranging from 10 to 20 L. These vessels have empowered Almac Sciences to conduct scale-up reactions on a gram scale before initiating plant manufacturing.

Richard elaborated: "The larger custom lab vessels supplied by Asynt allow us to perform a wide range of chemistries, including recrystallisations and the handling of air/moisture-sensitive organo-metallic reagents. By leveraging the combination of Asynt vessels and Julabo temperature control units, we can model and refine processes before scaling up, ultimately producing materials at a larger scale in our labs."

Enhancing safety and ease of use

To further enhance their laboratory operations, Almac Sciences adopted Asynt's ReactoMate ATOM stands to support their larger lab vessels (5, 10, and 20 L). This user-friendly system allows for easy adjustment of vessel height, enhancing safety and convenience during the charging of solids. The vessel can be effortlessly raised to a normal operating height afterward, requiring minimal effort from the operator.


The collaboration between Asynt and Almac Sciences has played a pivotal role in optimising API development and manufacturing processes. By employing Asynt's range of custom lab vessels, Almac Sciences has made significant progress in process simulation, validation, and scale-up. The integration of Asynt's vessels with Julabo temperature control units has empowered Almac Sciences to confidently produce larger quantities of non-GMP materials while saving time and costs. Moreover, the adoption of Asynt's ReactoMate ATOM stands has enhanced safety and ease of use in the laboratory.

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