• Introducing the STORM 18: High Power Corrosion Resistant Fans for Elevated Pressure Applications

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Introducing the STORM 18: High Power Corrosion Resistant Fans for Elevated Pressure Applications

Jul 17 2023

Taking high pressure fume extraction to greater heights the new storm 18 (ST18) polypropylene fan is the latest addition to Axair’s impressive range of extraction fans. The ST18 is now the largest of Axair’s storm range of high pressure optimised forward curved centrifugal fans manufactured from chemical resistant polypropylene. The storm ST range provides a wide range of relatively low airflows against elevated pressures suitable for corrosive applications.  

A high-pressure fan, such as the ST18, is typically used in fume extraction systems where there is a need to overcome significant resistance or pressure drops. This may happen in situations such as systems with long or narrow duct runs, or those with multiple bends or elbows, flexible arms and connectors, or scrubbers that can lead to added resistance to airflow. Equally, filtration systems that incorporate filtration units such as highly efficient particulate air filters or HEPAS can introduce substantial resistance.

The ST18 can create sufficient pressure to effectively extract fumes from these systems with restricted or narrow conditions. Paired with a high power 3~ 7.5 kW motor, with a speed of 2870 RPM, the Storm18 centrifugal fan has several benefits:  

  • The three-phase motor provides efficiency in applications demanding high speed and torque  
  • Ingress protection level IP55 ensures the motor is protected against dust, water and can withstand harsh environments  

The anti-corrosive nature of polypropylene makes it a key construction material that is favoured in harsh environments such as laboratory fume extraction, containment, and local exhaust ventilation. Both lightweight and durable, along with low cost in comparison to other noncorrosive materials.  

All corrosion resistant polypropylene fans are available in ATEX carbon loaded materials to zone 2. For full product information visit the website.

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