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Prime Pro 48 qPCR system only $19,800

Feb 24 2015

The new Prime Pro 48 real time PCR system offers market leading accuracy, data quality and speed. Prime Pro 48 delivers everything a full-featured qPCR instrument offers and more, at a size and price point that fits your lab and budget. This revolutionary new system is setting new standards in performance, simplicity, and support for a variety of qPCR applications. Full control and analysis software is provided – Prime Pro 48 is a MIQE compliant system.

  • Trust your results with ±0.1°C uniformity – typically 5x better than the competition;
  • 40 cycles in 40 minutes – can be reduced to only 20 minutes when optimised;
  • Fast heating and cooling – average ramp rate 5.5°C/second;
  • Adaptive LED control – never saturate detector, no crosstalk, >9 logs dynamic range;
  • Fast system - process more samples/hour than a traditional 96 well qPCR system;
  • 4 colour multiplex and HRM functionality as standard; and
  • Prime pro reagents - over 400 qPCR detection kits are also now available.

Patented thermal system

  • The world’s most accurate block based qPCR system (±0.1°C at 95°C) ensures your NGS libraries are absolutely quantified to allow optimal sequencing;
  • Patented thermal system - outperforms all other block-based qPCR machines; and
  • Hollow fluid-filled silver block anodised with gold - efficient and uniform.

Patented optical technology

  • Adaptive LED Control - patented system for normalising variation in fluorescence;
  • Never saturate the detector, never get cross talk, >9 logs dynamic range;
  • Reads all 48 wells, with all 4 filters in only 6 seconds - never miss a data point; and
  • MIQE guidelines compliant system.

Prime Pro qPCR detection kits

Techne now supply a new range of qPCR detection kits. Every assay is expert designed, involving literature review followed by bioinformatics analysis. The kits are optimised via a strict biochemical validation on synthetic oligos to ensure optimal PCR performance. Every kit operates with the same standardised protocol and cycling conditions, which allows multiple kits to be used on the same plate in the same PCR run.

  • Human pathogens.
  • Veterinary and agricultural pathogens.
  • Food and water testing.
  • Bio-threat detection.
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK.
  • 400 kits available.
  • Sold with and without Mastermix, pack size 150 tests
  • Designed to work with all qPCR instruments.
  • Lyophilised kits allow ambient shipping and storage.
  • 18 month shelf life.

Ordering information

Part no. Description       Price
PRIMEPRO48 Prime Pro 48 Real Time PCR System. Laptop not included $19,800
PROPLATE48          Prime Pro 48 plates, pack of 50 $74.00
PROSEAL48            Prime Pro 48 plate seals, pack of 50  $58.00
PRODEMO48         Prime Pro 48 demonstration plates, pack of 2 $280.00
Prime Pro kits 400 qPCR detection kits lyophilised for ambient transport/storage Contact Techne

Contact Bibby to request a demonstration. Click here for product brochure. Click here for technical specification.

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