• Simplifying Culture Media Preparation
  • The ProfiClave PCX simplifies culture media preparation and speeds up the process.

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Simplifying Culture Media Preparation

May 16 2022

Biotool Switzerland announce the ProfiClave PCX - a new space-saving system that simplifies culture media preparation and speeds up the process.

Designed for ease-of-use, operation of the PCX is via a large integral screen using a suite of icon-based software that guides you intuitively, with onscreen support, through the culture media preparation process.

The PCX is equipped with a well-balanced and insulated pressure lid, sealing the system to start automatic media preparation. The PCX software guides you logically through the starting procedure. All operating conditions are automatically checked to ensure the culture medium is effectively mixed, heated, sterilised, and quickly cooled to the desired filling temperature right from the start. For the filling process, the medium is kept stable at the selected filling temperature.

At the heart of the PCX is new thermal boiler heating technology that delivers energy-efficient production and an innovative pre-sterilised auto-lock hose connection minimising connection time to your media filler while maintaining a contamination-free environment. The PCX is designed to be economical down to the last millilitre of your culture media, with the sampling tube automatically centring itself at the lowest point of the cuvette.

Operator safety was paramount in the design of the PCX. The pressure vessel closure is automatic and is temperature and pressure dependent. Additional mechanical latches secure the unit even in the de-energised state. The medium feed and discharge ports are automatically locked against opening when hot or pressurised. Unintentional opening is impossible.

During the development of the PCX, special emphasis was placed on smooth surfaces on the outside and inside of the system. After removal of the cuvette, there are no heating elements or any other fittings to get in the way, so the pressure vessel can be easily cleaned right down to the bottom. In addition, the PCX is equipped with an automatic self-cleaning program, whereby the entire system with all hoses and valves can be quickly and effectively automatically rinsed with heated water ready for your next media preparation routine.

The ProfiClave PCX sets a new standard for simple, sterile automated culture media preparation and reproducible filling and stacking of Petri dishes with agar. Combining the ProfiClave PCX with the Biotool TubeFiller, or other brands of media filler, even large series of tubes in existing racks can be filled automatically.

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