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New TSR Rotating Tube Furnace from Carbolite Gero

Aug 31 2021

Carbolite Gero's new TSR Rotating Tube Furnace Range utilises the innovations that were initially developed for our new TS split tube furnace series. The TSR range is a perfect solution for those who need to process large batches of free-flowing materials such as powders with a maximum temperature of 1150° with a 125mm diameter over a 1000mm heated length that can have either 1 or 3 heated zones.

The furnace itself has a split tube that is horizontally mounted on a base frame. A friction drive rotation system is employed which can rotate the work tube at up to 10 rotations per minute. In addition, the frame of the TSR furnace can be manually tilted from its horizontal position to a maximum of 6° from level. This will depend on the material that is being processed and the residency time required in the selected work tube which will certainly depend on the material grain size.

The rotating motion of the TSR helps to increase the surface area of the sample material that is exposed to the heated atmosphere within the work tube. This is useful to reduce reaction/processing times and to improve the overall yield of the processed material and a 5-litre vibratory feeder and collection hopper ensures that the Carbolite Gero TSR is the perfect choice for continuous heat treating of materials.

Carbolite Gero’s latest tube furnace solutions employ high-quality heating elements that provide outstanding temperature uniformity along the entire heated length of the work tube and are capable of rapid heating and cooling rates. As with all of our latest tube furnaces the insulation material that we use ensures low energy consumption, low external case temperature and increased longevity thanks to reduced thermal stress.

The single zone model is fitted with an EPC3016P1 controller whereas the three-zone variant has our latest CC-T1 touch-screen controller and Ethernet communications comes as standard.

Should you require a modified atmosphere the TSR can be equipped with gas connections with a system built into the frame if specified at the time of ordering. Please let us know whether you require manual flowmeters or digital mass flow controllers.

Having acquired years of experience designing and manufacturing rotating tube furnaces please do contact us if you have a specific requirement that falls outside the normal specification of the TSR. We have manufactured a number of bespoke solutions including models equipped with helical work tube inserts, feed knockers & agitators, water-cooled collection hoppers and steam injection.

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