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New Tablet/Capsule Sample Weight Checker

Jan 16 2009

Simple to use, and offering fast operation, the NEW SP-4C from CI Electronics provides an efficient means of weight checking samples of tablets/capsules regularly taken from a production line.

The unit saves time by producing accurate printed results thus eliminating the need for manual recording of weight data. The comprehensive printouts produce the detailed information required to verify consistency of weight. Any drift from the target weight is clearly displayed and printouts can be configured to show a PASS or FAIL statement. This, along with an alarm, will alert the operators so any necessary changes to the manufacturing process can be quickly implemented.

The SP-4C is versatile as it handles both tablets and capsules of many shapes and sizes without the need for change parts measuring to a high and consistent accuracy of +/- 0.5mg, readable to 0.1mg. The limits used can be standard Pharmacopoeia or the user can define their own tighter limits if required. The sample size is adjustable to suit the customer’s particular testing regime with any excess product in the bowl feeder cleared automatically. An automatic sample prompt ensures that samples are taken at regular intervals. The results of each of the
samples are printed and accumulated so a Batch Summary can be produced.

The SP-4C is manufactured from quality materials and is easy to dismantle for cleaning. This unit is ideal for sitting in a production booth
or in a central QC area where it can be used to monitor multiple lines. Reports can be printed locally, across a network or using the optional SP Connect programme weight data can be transferred to a PC.

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