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Rapid, User Friendly Mini Vertical Gel Casting

Jun 16 2006

A rapid, intuitive, easy-to-set-up, leak-proof mini vertical gel casting system is the latest addition to the Cleaver Scientific range of electrophoresis products.

The new omniPAGE mini vertical gel electrophoresis unit is designed for separations and electroblotting applications and contains the fastest, easiest system solution for casting mini vertical gels. The omniPAGE is constructed using the latest injection moulding manufacturing techniques which provide the combined benefits of a high quality finish, strength, durability and low cost. Also, each clamping bar side requires only one screw. This is made possible thanks to a pressure bar which surrounds the glass plates, yet still
allows cooling buffer to contact the gel and enhances gel resolution.

To cast the gel, the glass plates are simply inserted into the unit and the single screw tightened. Once tightened the insert is transferred to the casting base and secured down onto an ultra-soft 10 shore hardness silicone mat. The gel solution is loaded and then once the gel has set, the module is simply placed into the tank for running.

Gel casting is therefore a simple, 4 step procedure making the system much simpler to cast gels compared to other units available because there is a minimum number of steps required, so no time consuming transfer of glass plates is necessary.

The omniPAGE Mini incorporates a reversible gasket which accepts all 10 x 10cm and 10 x 8cm commercially available precast gels. The pressure bar enables parallel clamping of any precast gel to provide perfect gel resolution.

Other features and benefits of the new system include, a cooling pack included as standard for rapid set-up cooling which also takes up buffer space and so is a cooling pack / buffer saver pack combined. The use of the cooling pack enhances resolution and provides ultra-fine sample bands and parallel sample migration and also contains increased capacity, allowing up to four gels to be cast and run using a triple
plate sandwich.

The omniPAGE is built for durability thanks to high impact components and progressive casting cams which allow for wear. The 2mm thick glass plates resist breakages while bonded spacers enable simple and convenient set-up during gel casting.

The system is complemented with a wide range of comb and spacer choices including preparative, 2-D, high sample number and multi-channel pipette compatible, colour coded in five thicknesses of 0.5, 0.75,1, 1.5 and 2mm. Other accessories include blotting and tube gel modules which use the same outer tank and lid.

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