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Automatic Polarimeter / Chiral Detector for HPLC

Oct 02 2006

The use of automatic polarimeters for concentration measurements of optically active substances has been limited to sample volumes in the ml range. For HPLC applications in the ul-range, most instruments were unsuitable. The PROPOL automatic polarimeter, manufactured by Dr Wolfgang Kernchen GmbH, covers both ranges of application. Carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins, hormones, enzymes, perfumes, aromas, herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics etc. can be measured as individual samples or continually in the eluate.

The new generation of these instruments offers improved performance by using advanced microprocessor technology. The measuring principle of magneto-optical compensation guarantees reliable operation free of wear, except occasional lamp replacement.

PROPOL owes its versatility to the following qualities:

? High resolution of the optical rotation up to 0.0001° at a measuring range of ±6°.
? Continuous measuring principle: magneto-optical compensation by Farraday effect.
? Predefined and user definable concentration ranges.
? Facility for automatic temperature correction.
? Configurable analogue output for writer or integrator link.
? RS-232 serial data interface for GLP - and LIMS use.
? Automatic gain control, effective up to extinction 3 - important for micro-cells.
? Multiple measurements (14/s) with fixed or sliding averaging. Integration time selectable from 1-99 s.
? Easy menu guided operation by means of keyboard and display.
? software program for GLP-conform data recording by PC.

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