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New Automatic Dilution and Dosage System

Jan 27 2006

The DILUDOS automatic dilution and dosage system, from Dr Wolfgang Kernchen GmbH, automates routine preparation of solutions. The PC operated system performs gravimetric dilutions or dosages under continuous weight control by a digital laboratory balance, while the flow of liquids is controlled by up to eight solenoid valves. Depending on the chosen combination of system components, dilutions and dosages are performed at ± 0.1 g or ± 0.01 g precision, and at flow rates up to 6 ml/s.

All calculations, e.g. for determining the weight of solvent for a given weight of sample, are automatically performed. Thus, errors which frequently occur with manual calculations are avoided.

An optional terminal allows operation when limited bench space does not allow operation via PC monitor, keyboard and mouse.

The advantages of the DILUDOS are:

? Fast, reliable and time saving dilutions or dosages.
? High dosing speed up to 6 ml/s.
? Adaptable to special applications due to modular design.
? Comfortable data recording and processing by user-friendly Windows software.
? Easy definition of sample related dilution and dosage methods.
? Reduced consumption of materials, such as volumetric flasks, dispensers, syringes.
? Avoiding wrongly prepared samples.
? Free from temperature errors.
? Volumetric dilutions and dosages possible.

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