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A place for everything: the YOUTILITY labelling system for caps and bottles

Nov 05 2014

The accurate labelling of scientific samples is an integral part of the success of a laboratory. Labels carry critical information and without them research could be unreliable and possibly invalid. There are many ways that bottles can be labelled. Research by Duran Group indicated that users use a wide range of labelling materials and formats such tape, pre-printed, blank labels and or autoclave tape, for labelling bottles. Many labels used in laboratories can be difficult to remove after use, resulting in scratched bottles and extra time wasted cleaning. The DURAN® YOUTILITY labels were developed to address the need for a reliable, short term method of sample, cap and bottle tracking and identification. The labels will stay on when you need them to do so, and are easy to remove when no longer required. This allows the bottles and caps to be quickly and easily cleaned, ready for re-use.

As part of the integrated labeling system, the YOUTILITY bottles and screw caps have dedicated areas for the labels. The two types of YOUTILITY labels are, a rectangular label that fits all four sizes of bottle, and a smaller circular label that exactly fits the YOUTILITY GL 45 screw cap. The dual labeling of bottles and caps helps to prevent potential sample cross contamination. In addition, the cap labels are invaluable for identifying bottles when stacked horizontally in a fridge, or from above if the bottles are in a water bath.

The YOUTILITY labels are manufactured from a tear resistant, matt white, polyester material coated with a high performance adhesive. The print receptive top surface will accept a variety of inks, including copier, printer, ballpoint and technical markers. The labels are chemically resistant to typical laboratory chemicals such as disinfectants and many solvents. They have a wide −40 to +150°C temperature performance range, making them suitable for use in fridges, freezers, autoclaves, incubators and water baths without the risk of the labels drying out or falling off.

Laboratory bottles used to sterilise media often have an identification label together with a piece of 'autoclave tape', the appearance is messy, can be difficult to remove after use. The YOUTILITY labels conveniently combine the flexibility of a blank writable label with an autoclave/steam sterilisation Class 1 process indicator (ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11140-1:2005). The labels are non-hazardous, and free of toxic heavy metals. After use, the YOUTILITY labels may be easily and completely removed by peeling. The new YOUTILITY labels form part of a designed system to make your laboratory work easier, safer and more reliable.

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