• Eppendorf Announces ?Happy Birthday Multipette!?

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Eppendorf Announces ?Happy Birthday Multipette!?

May 20 2009

Introduced by Eppendorf in 1979 as the world’s first handheld dispenser (Repeater), Multipette revolutionised the laboratory world, contributing to many developments in medicine and life science research. To celebrate Multipette’s 30th birthday in fitting style, eppendorf.com/30years offers online competitions, an entertaining look back over the past three decades, and news of a changing
selection of Multipette special offers throughout the year.

Multipette plus, Multipette stream/Xstream, together with Combitips plus, are essential tools for fast, convenient dispensing of long series. Users are invited to enter the ‘My Multipette and me’ photo contest by uploading imaginative images, perhaps of a decorated Multipette, or 30th Birthday celebrations in their lab. Each month from April to October 2009, one randomly selected winner from the online photo gallery will receive an exclusive Mini-Multipette laser pointer. In mid-November a jury, which includes a professional photographer, will select the thirty best pictures for publication on the website. The thirty photographers will each win a birthday cake, while the top three will be able to celebrate with an Eppendorf-sponsored lab party to the value of 600, 500 or 400 euros.

A changing programme of sales promotions will be announced at eppendorf.com/30years, including some very special packages and a limited Multipette edition. The ‘History’ tab of the celebratory website leads to a timeline with pictures illustrating not only significant Multipette developments, but many memorable, funny and exciting events of the past 30 years.

Dr. Sabine Kühn, Multipette Product Manager, comments, “Multipette has become synonymous with ‘handheld dispenser’, its reputation assured by unique features such as Combitip recognition and automatic volume calculation. Now Multipette fans worldwide can experience the birthday atmosphere and share their photos and stories at eppendorf.com/30years. Prizes, exclusive gifts and Multipette sales promotions are on offer. For example, everyone contributing their own personal Multipette story of at least 2,000 characters will receive a party gift of a Mini- Multipette laser pointer.”