• New Biophotometer Plus Adds Up to a Highly Versatile Package

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New Biophotometer Plus Adds Up to a Highly Versatile Package

Feb 26 2008

Building on the success of the UV/Vis BioPhotometer, the BioPhotometer plus from Eppendorf AG features a new keypad design, three additional wavelengths and the ability to use microliter cells as well as cuvettes. This compact, low-weight photometer is very easy to operate, producing reliable, reproducible results fast.
The BioPhotometer plus delivers instant access to 32 routine methods, of which nine are freely programmable, including measurement of DNA, RNA and protein concentration, enzyme assays and the incorporation rate of fluorescent dyes. Designed for use with cuvettes such as the Eppendorf UVette®, optimisation for measurement of small volumes using microliter cells like the Hellma® TrayCell adds considerably to the instrument’s versatility.

Both measurement and results calculation, including factoring in dilutions, are performed automatically at the push of a button for reliable results. Related methods are grouped for easy selection on the redesigned keypad and differently coloured function keys reduce operator errors.
According to Kerstin Vieluf, Eppendorf product manager, ‘The BioPhotometer plus provides all the flexibility needed for a wide range of applications. With three new wavelengths the number of routine methods increases to 32, compared with 12 for the existing BioPhotometer model. Additional methods are the incorporation rate and concentration of fluorescent dyes (Cy 3, Cy5) in nucleic acids or proteins, measurement of enzymatic activities, cell biological assays and direct measurement at single wavelengths.’
The robust metal housing of the BioPhotometer plus makes it ideal for safe transport and easy cleaning, while its small footprint and standalone operation without a PC are benefits where bench
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space is at a premium. The BioPhotometer plus offers an excellent price/performance ratio and very low maintenance requirement. Its xenon flash lamp has an extremely long service life and needs no pre-warming, and there are no moving parts to require adjustment.