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The Ultimate Tube Label

Feb 08 2010

Do you ever have problems reading the data on your labels? Does water and condensation affect the print quality – when you pick up the tube do you experience smudging?

If you have answered yes to either of these statements – Fine Cut have a solution that will improve the readability and durability of your tube labelling.

Fine Cut’s range of ‘self laminating’ tube labels offer excellent resistance against sol vents, smudging, water and scuffing.

Labels are produced using high quality synthetic substrates and feature a permanent acrylic adhesive. This combination enables labels to be used within freezers, fridge and cold room storage facilities.

Fine Cut’s ‘self laminating’ labels feature a coloured box where variable data can be added by hand, laser printer or Thermal Transfer printer. Labels can be formatted onto standard A4 sheets or rolls.

The label ensures maximum protection against all elements by wrapping itself around the tube and doubling back over itself, thus covering the data box with the clear seal. (see picture for explanation).

Available in any size and colour the Ultimate tube label will enhance durability and ensure that problems relating to readability are a thing of the past.

For further information and label samples, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@finecut.co.uk