• Innovative pH Measurement Method for Particle Sizing
    The ANALYSETTE 22 NeXT wet dispersion unit with pH sensor,
  • The Laser Particle Sizer ANALYSETTE 22 NeXT with wet dispersion unit.

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Innovative pH Measurement Method for Particle Sizing

Oct 04 2023

Patented method covers fluctuations more effectively than the zeta potential

Fritsch has pioneered a ground-breaking method to measure the pH value of dispersion liquids directly within the measuring unit. The newly integrated pH sensor module in the dispersion bath is connected to the Laser Particle Sizer, enabling continuous pH monitoring during measurements and automatic data transfer to the software for documentation.

This patented approach proves significantly more effective in handling fluctuations compared to the zeta potential method. It offers substantial advantages, particularly in research and development contexts. The pH value holds broader significance, especially in nano-suspension measurements, providing valuable insights into how chemically inert materials react to varying environmental conditions. When measurement curves are unstable, the pH value aids in stabilisation and interpretation. Moreover, Fritsch's newly introduced patented pH measurement method allows for precise observation, facilitating the detection of agglomeration or aggregation.

FRITSCH Particle Sizers offer state-of-the-art particle sizing solutions, catering to both production and quality control, as well as research and development applications, and manufacturing process control. The Fritsch A-22 NeXT Nano, a Laser Particle Sizer, excels in accuracy and sensitivity, covering a wide measuring range from 0.01 to 3800 μm. Additionally, a Micro version offers an economical alternative with a measuring range from 0.5 to 1500 μm. Both models feature a single laser and numerous patented features to ensure maximum durability and minimal maintenance.

These instruments are designed for easy installation through plug-and-play functionality, tool-free cleaning with simple steps, and come with high-performance software, meeting 21 CFR Part 11 requirements. Fritsch Laser Particle Sizers ANALYSETTE 22 NeXT adhere to a smart, modular concept, allowing customers to purchase only the necessary components and scale their sizing capabilities as needed.

Contact Fritsch for videos, whitepapers, sizing protocols, and other resources on laser particle sizing.

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