• Antibiotic Assay Zone Reader and Colony Counter Microbiology System

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Antibiotic Assay Zone Reader and Colony Counter Microbiology System

Aug 25 2006

The new AutoAssay-DigiCounter V3 system, from Giles Scientific, reads antibiotic agar assay test plates and counts colonies, to create a comprehensive digital image analysis system. It utilizes high resolution color digital technology to instantaneously read up to 150 mm agar Petri-plates. The system is ideal for microbiologists in pharmaceutical, food & feed, water Quality Assurance & Quality Control, and research laboratories.

The AutoAssay? component automatically reads antibiotic potency assay zone diameters. This software conforms to CFR/US-FDA/AOAC/USP/BP/EP/JP assay methods and allows for use of metal cylinders, agar wells, or paper disks. It provides all calculations, password-entry, electronic record of raw data, printouts, and a notepad. The DigiCounter? component counts microbial colonies differentiated by size or color. Counts can discriminate touching colonies, include or exclude areas, and manually include or exclude colonies.

IQ/OQ/PQ (Installation Qualification, Operation Qualification, and Performance Qualification) documents are included to certify system accordance with CFR Part 11, US-FDA/AOAC/USP/BP/EP/JP and GLP standards. This new V3 system is easily installed on any PC with Windows 2000/XP and includes a 15" touch screen monitor.

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