• ASPEC<sup>®</sup> Positive Pressure Manifold System: A Smart Manual Extraction Solution

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ASPEC® Positive Pressure Manifold System: A Smart Manual Extraction Solution

May 03 2019

Whether your priority is flexibility, throughput, or footprint, we have a reliable system for your solid phase extraction (SPE) workflow. Advanced science requires advanced solutions and our ASPEC® systems deliver better yields, reproducibility, and accuracy so you can have confidence in your results.

Improved Reproducibility

With efficient compatibility and desirable features, the ASPEC® Positive Pressure Manifold improves solid phase extraction (SPE) reproducibility and recovery, even when used with high viscosity samples. It integrates easily into many lab workflows while providing a fast and simple way to prepare samples for further analysis by chromatography. With technology and functionality that’s easy to use, this device will help you maintain better control among samples and between runs than traditional vacuum manifolds.

Maximised Efficiency

This manual manifold uses an integrated pressure gauge and intuitive controller to provide a uniform, consistent flow rate which improves your SPE process. Using positive pressure that ensures all samples elute along with parallel extractions to increase daily throughput, the ASPEC Positive Pressure Manifold has a variety of features that maximise efficiency without compromising results. Additionally, when combined with ASPEC SPE Cartridges, the manifold offers an initial step towards SPE automation for clinical, forensic, and food or beverage testing labs.

Seamless Integration

With a compact design and easy set-up, the ASPEC Positive Pressure Manifold can seamlessly integrate into your complex workflows without taking up a lot of space on your bench. It easily fits under fume hoods, which is ideal for extractions that use volatile solvents. This product is also compatible with 1, 3, and 5 mL cartridges and 96-well SPE plates.

Learn more about all Gilson’s extraction solutions, including the ASPEC Positive Pressure Manifold.

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