• Automated Pipetting System with Protocol Support and Training
    PIPETMAX improves lab productivity and lets you get results faster.

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Automated Pipetting System with Protocol Support and Training

May 09 2022

PIPETMAX, built upon PIPETMAN® technology, helps reduce costly technical replicates and helps maximise reproducibility by eliminating inconsistencies due to common pipetting errors. The automated system frees up time devoted to tedious pipetting jobs that improve lab productivity and lets you get results faster.

The hardware and software of PIPETMAX are customisable to fit the specific needs of the assay, allowing you to configure and customise runs to any reagent, kit, or protocol. With intelligent tip management, the pipette heads allow up to eight tips to be used simultaneously. With a volume range from 1 µL to 1200 µL, PIPETMAX is an ideal solution for qPCR and PCR, NGS reactions, cell-based assays, and more, like optimising qPCR master mix dispensing.

PIPETMAN® DIAMOND Tips are designed to fit Gilson devices perfectly. They deliver accurate and precise pipetting when used in conjunction with Gilson devices. Our tips are certified for 384-well plates and ensure maximum accuracy and precision while delivering consistent results. The perfect air-tight seal prevents leaks. The tips are made of pure polypropylene to deliver the correct volume and ensure complete dispensing. Volume graduations make it easy to visually check the volume aspirated.

The PIPETMAN DIAMOND Tips, Refills for PIPETMAX are validated for use with 384-well plates and are ideal for use with PIPETMAX for accurate, reproducible automated pipetting.

Gilson tips are manufactured in a cleanroom environment ensuring they are free of detectable contaminants that can affect your results. From manufacturing to the bench, our tips are guaranteed, certified, and traceable to meet the most stringent demands in many applications.

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