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Flexible Pipetting without Fatigue

Aug 22 2022

Designed for performance and comfort, PIPETMAN® L multichannel pipettes come in four models equipped with V-rings at the bottom of the tip holder for a proper fit with most tip brands, covering a volume range from 20 µL to 300 µL. The V-rings at the bottom of the pipette tip holder ensure proper fit with most tip brands, providing researchers increased flexibility and improving the reliability of liquid transfers.

Secure Pipetting with Convenient Use

Lightweight and balanced, PIPETMAN L combines an ergonomic design with minimised pipetting forces, giving you the ability to pipette longer without fatigue. Reduce pipetting errors and avoid accidental volume changes during pipetting cycles with a true volume-locking mechanism for improved accuracy and precision.

PIPETMAN L variable volume models are also all fully autoclavable without disassembly for maximum convenience and protection from cross-contamination. Large volume models are equipped with a plastic tip ejector to avoid direct contact with the tip and provide better compatibility with chemicals.

A Red Dot Award Winning Design

These four models of PIPETMAN L pipettes recently received a distinction in the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2022 for their design quality and degree of innovation. As with other PIPETMAN L air displacement pipettes, these models are ergonomically designed to minimise pipetting forces and reduce fatigue. PIPETMAN L models also feature a DataMatrix 2D code for easy traceability.

Comfortable, precise, accurate, and reliable, use PIPETMAN L pipettes confidently in your applications.

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