• Increase the Productivity of Your Workflows with PLATEMASTER<sup>®</sup>

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Increase the Productivity of Your Workflows with PLATEMASTER®

Sep 13 2022

PLATEMASTER® is an easy-to-use, accurate solution for high-throughput manual pipetting of 96- and 384-well microplates.

The PLATEMASTER’s 96-channel design greatly reduces the number of pipetting steps necessary to fill a microplate when compared to using regular manual multichannel pipettes. When using PLATEMASTER, the time it takes to fill 96-well plates is significantly reduced to approximately 10-20 seconds or less, and 384-wells can typically be filled in less than a minute using only four pipetting steps.

Increased Accuracy, Precision, and Reproducibility

Using PLATEMASTER for higher throughput applications reduces the risk of human error. In a single motion, accuracy, and precision levels can equal that of 8- or 12-channel pipettes, while avoiding the risk of skipping or repeating wells. Additionally, all enzymatic reactions and cell-based applications across all wells can be started and stopped at the same time. From 0.5 µL to 220 µL pipetting volumes, expect improved well-to-well and plate-to-plate reproducibility with PLATEMASTER.

Versatile and Easy to Use

PLATEMASTER is as intuitive as a PIPETMAN® and does not require programming, long training, or power for use. Through a variety of accessories, such as adapters for loading 384-well microplates, reagent reservoirs, or sample heater blocks, PLATEMASTER can be fully adapted to a variety of application needs. Its compact and portable design easily integrates into the lab, allowing it to fit on most benchtops, under hoods, or in cold rooms.

Two models of this product are available: PLATEMASTER P20 for pipetting volumes from 0.5−20 µL and PLATEMASTER P220 for pipetting volumes from 2−220 µL.

Tip Compatibility

PLATEMASTER is compatible with both PIPETMAN® DIAMOND Tips and AmpliPur® Expert Tips when used with a pin-plate assembly accessory.


PIPETMAN DIAMOND Tips deliver the accuracy and precision your experiments demand. All tips are manufactured using the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques so you can be assured of consistent lot-to-lot performance. We also know your needs, budget, and tip consumption vary according to your specific research activity. With our extensive range of packaging, PIPETMAN DIAMOND Tips are an affordable option for every lab and every application.

AmpliPur Expert Tips

The optional AmpliPur Expert Tips Pin-plate Assembly, coupled with the AmpliPur Expert Tips Reload Block, allows these tips to be used on both PLATEMASTER P20 and P220.

AmpliPur Expert Tips are ISO 8655-compliant and provide a significant value for the money spent. They are manufactured according to certified quality standards, ensuring each tip is free of DNase and RNase. These filter tips protect precious samples from cross-contamination and are designed to fit various pipette brands.

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