• Liquid Handling Solutions to Support Your Efforts in the Fight Against COVID-19

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Liquid Handling Solutions to Support Your Efforts in the Fight Against COVID-19

May 10 2021

As we continue to fight COVID-19 on a global level, testing remains extremely important as cases to continue to grow in certain areas of the world. Our suite of products and liquid handling systems can be integrated into your testing workflows, enabling you to be as efficient as possible in your protocols while remaining safe. Two such tools are PLATEMASTER®, an easy-to-use solution for high-throughput manual pipetting on 96- and 384-well plates, and PIPETMAX®, an efficient automated pipetting solution that’s ideal for ELISA, PCR/qPCR, and other tip-based prep.

PLATEMASTER, our accurate manual pipetting solution, has a 96-channel design that greatly reduces the number of pipetting steps necessary to fill a microplate when compared to using regular manual multichannel pipettes. When using PLATEMASTER, the time it takes to fill 96-well plates is significantly reduced to approximately 10-20 seconds or less, and 384-wells can typically be filled in less than a minute using only four pipetting steps. This pipetting solution is intuitive to use and does not require programming, long training, or power for use, making it an easy solution to integrate into your COVID-19 testing lab.

Our automated pipetting solution, PIPETMAX, is perfect for high-throughput biological assays like ELISA and PCR/qPCR. It helps improve your accuracy, reproducibility, and the consistency of your processed samples. Unlike other automation platforms, PIPETMAX comes in a benchtop size that easily fits into any lab. When integrated into your COVID-19 testing protocols, it helps to free up time that your technicians and researchers can dedicate to other laboratory tasks. Finally, the hardware and software of PIPETMAX are customisable to fit the specific needs of the assay, allowing you to configure and customise runs to any reagent, kit, or protocol.

Efficient methods and tools to expand testing and improve turnaround times for COVID-19 tests are still an important part of controlling the spread of the virus. Our Gilson liquid handling tools help improve the efficiency of your workflows by accelerating the process and reducing errors. Contact us to learn more about how our solutions can help you expand your testing capabilities.

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