• MyPIPETMAN®: Combine Functional Choices and Pipette Personalisation
    MyPIPETMAN pipettes from Gilson,

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MyPIPETMAN®: Combine Functional Choices and Pipette Personalisation

Oct 21 2022

Lightweight and well-balanced, MyPIPETMAN pipettes from Gilson have an elegant design with a textured effect for a better grip. This pipette combines an ergonomic design with minimised pipetting forces. With no compromise on quality and performance, the built-in tip ejection button reduces ejection forces and reinforces the pipette’s ergonomics.

MyPIPETMAN pipettes are available through two main options: MyPIPETMAN Select and MyPIPETMAN Enterprise. As a life sciences lab tool, pipettes should be lightweight, ergonomic, reliable, and easy-to-use. All of Gilson’s MyPIPETMAN options are best-in-class for meeting those requirements.

MyPIPETMAN® Select offers improved pipetting with its lightweight, well-balanced design, and a textured handle to reduce slippage. It includes reduced pipetting and tip ejection forces, and Gilson’s unique Trilock™ volume-locking system that allows the researcher to choose from three positions when setting the volume.

Trilock™ volume settings:

  • Free volume setting: provides quick and effortless volume adjustment
  • Light ratchet volume setting: helpful for very precise volumes 
  • Locked volume setting: perfect for secure pipetting

Another feature of MyPIPETMAN Select is the option for special text printing on the handle. Create visual text markings to identify a pipette to avoid the risk of contamination by dedicating it to a specific workflow step or workstation, helping support the Lean Lab Process and organisation.

This pipette line also includes MyPIPETMAN Enterprise models, with full technical and personalisation options for enterprises and industries. This pipette allows the scientist to fully customise its pipette and choose the volume locking method, pipetting and tip ejection forces, and tip ejector material. Additionally, researchers can customise their series of pipettes by choosing the colours of the different parts and the handle with both text and a logo.