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Advanced Solutions for Genomics Analysis

Jun 13 2019

Grant offer a wide range of life science solutions that are designed to help you in your genomics research. From sample preparation through to PCR-based analysis, from low volume assays to high throughput screening, the range of sample preparation products will give you the accuracy and precision you need.

  • The Centrifuge CVP2 is an all-in-one PCR plate centrifuge and vortex mixer that allows for simultaneous sample preparation of multiple samples. The combined mixer will save you time, comes with a centrifugation mixing speed 300 to 1500 rpm and consistently prepares up to 192 samples continuously.
  • The UV cabinet range comes in three models and are designed for clean operations with DNA samples to provide protection against contamination. These general purpose UV protection systems have an innovative built-in UV air recirculator; decontaminates while working unlike other PCR workstations, high intensity UV air cleaner 25m³/hr, and UV protective film on glass panels and exposure control.
  • The Thermoshaker range provides excellent temperatures for uniformity (± 0.2°C) and temperature stability (± 0.1°C) due to the bi-directional heating system for the PHMP series. The TS-DW deep well plate thermoshaker is a versatile model designed for shaking and heating of deep well plates that operates as an incubator, plate shaker and thermoshaker in one.
  • The Vortex PV-1 is a compact mixer for gentle mixing through to vigorous re-suspension of cells and chemical liquid components in a choice of 0.5ml, 1.5ml, and 15ml tubes. Adjustable speed control 750 to 3000 rpm, 'continuous' or 'touch' operation.

The range of solutions will give you:

  • All-in-one PCR plate CVP2 centrifuge and vortex mixer for simultaneous sample preparation
  • Advanced range of benchtop UV cabinets for clean operations with DNA samples
  • Innovative dual UV systems with patented built-in UV air for constant decontamination
  • Excellent temperature and uniformity thermoshakers ideal for applications needing heating and cooling
  • Compact PV-1 votex mixer produces regulated and reproducible agitation with an adjustable speed control 750 to 3000 rpm
  • Easy to operate, with simple set ups
  • Two-year warranty

Both the Grant and Grant-bio life science ranges are ideal for a wide-variety of application needs including DNA and RNA extraction, sedimentation of biological components, biochemical and chemical analyses of micro samples.

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